Superior Court Forms

Local Law Enforcement Agency Forms:

Probable Cause Declaration Form

Local Forms:

Adoptions Forms:

Application and Order for Investigation (AD-01)

Stepparent Adoption (AD-02)

Petition to Declare Minor Free (AD-03)

Adoption Citation to Declare Minor Free (AD-04)

Proof of Service for Stepparent Adoption (AD-05)

Ex Parte Application and Order for Publication of Citation (AD-06)

Order for Publication of Citation (AD-06A)

Civil Form:

Arbitrators Fee Statement (CV-01)

Unlawful Detainer: Plaintiff (CV-02Info)

Unlawful Detainer: Defendant (CV-03Info)

Aplication to Serve Summons by Posting (Unlawful Detainer) (CV-04)

Order to Serve Summons by Posting (Unlawful Detainer) CV-04A)

Notice of Telephone Appearance (CV-05)

Telephone Appearance Instructions (CV-05Info)

Service Matrix Attachment to Case Management Statement (CV-06)

Collections Forms:

Request To Vacate Civil Assessment (CL-01)

Criminal Forms:

Request for Increase/Decrease in Bail (CR-01)

Misdemeanor Window Arraignment (CR-02)

Request for Electronic Recording in a Misdemeanor (CR-03)

Bail Authorization (CR-04)

Not Used Domestic Violence Probation Form (CR-05)

Advisement of Rights, Waiver, and Plea Form (First Offense VC23152) (CR-06)

Advisement of Rights, Waiver, and Plea Form ( VC23152) (CR-07)

Plea of Guilty/No Contest-Felony (CR-08) Old

Plea of Guilty Misdemenors (CR-09)

Not Used Order Granting Release On Own Recognizance (CR-10)

Request for Monthly Payments and Bail Forfeiture (CR-11)

Request for Extension to Pay (CR-12)

Request for Sentence Modification (CR-13)

Bail Review Request (CR-14)

Family Law Forms:

Mediation Process (FL-01)

Proceso de Mediación (FL-01SP)

Not Used Order of Referral to Mediation (FL-02)

Case Management Questionaire (FL-03)

Instruction Findings and Orders After Hearing (FL-04Info)

Findings and Order After Hearing Letter to the Opposing Party (FL-04)

Findings and Order After Hearing Letter to the Court (FL-04A)

Stipulation for Mediation (FL-05)

Declaration Regarding Ex Parte Notice (FL-06A)

Application for Ex Parte Request (FL-06B)

Ex Parte Applications Family Law (FL-06Info)

Checklist for Divorce Case (FL-07)

Trial Brief (FL-08)

Application for Order for Publication or Posting of Sumons (FL-09)

Order for Publication or Posting of Summons (FL-09A)

Verification of Service by Posting (FL-10)

Service of Summons by Mailing and Posting in Dissolution Cases (FL-10Info)

Marital Settlement Agreement (FL-11)

Marital Settlement Agreement (Info)(FL-11Info)

Checklist for Uniform Parentage Act Case (FL-12)

Petition for Joinder (Custody/Visitation) (FL-13)

Child Custody/Visitation Joinder Packet (FL-13Info)

Not Used Readiness Conference Option (FL-14)

Petition for Grandparent Visitation (FL-15)

Grandparent Visitation (FL-15Info)

Response to Petition for Grandparent Visitation (FL-16)

Order on Registration of Out-of-State/Support Order/Income Witholding Order (FL-17)

Letter Rogatory, Service In Mexico (FL-18Info) (FL-18Info SP)

Ex Parte Application for Issuance of Letters Rogatory for Service of Process in Mexico Order Thereon(FL-18) (FL-18 SP)

Request for International Judicial Assistance for Service of Process in Mexico (FL-18A) (FL-18A SP)

Authentication Request and Apostille Order Form (FL-18B) Autenticacion y Formulario de Orden de Apostilla(FL-18B SP)

Certificate of Execution (FL-18C) Certificado de Ejecucion (FL-18C SP)

Ex Parte Request and Order to Vacate Restraining Order (FL-19)

Stipulation and Order to Modify Spousal Support (FL-20)

Stipulation for Continuance (FL-21)

Family Law Judgment After Trial (FL-22) (FL-22-1) (FL-22-2)

Declaration in Support of Modification of Child Support (FL-23)

Stipulation and Waivers Following Mediation; Order Thereon (FL-24)

Petition and Proposed Order for Parental Support (FL-25)

Response to Petition for Parental Support (FL-26)

Petition for Relief from Duty to Provide Parental Support (FL-27)

Citation Regarding Petition for Relief of Duty for Parental Support (FL-27A)

Order on Petition for Relief of Duty for Parental Support (FL-27B)

General Forms:

Request for Hearing (GN-01)

Ex Parte Request to Continue Hearing; Declaration and Order (GN-02)

Stipulation to Use Alternative Dispute Resolution Process (GN-03)

Alternative Dispute Resolution Information (GN-04Info)

Juvenile Forms:

Certification of Competency (JV-01)

Declaration Regarding Notice of Ex Parte Application (JV-02)

Guidelines for Juvenile Assessment and Collection of Costs for Court Related Services (JV-03)


Declaration for Transfer of Small Estates without Probate (PR-01)

Transferring Property When someone Dies (PR-01Info)

Small Claims Forms:

Declaration of Respresentative of Party for Small Claims Court (SC-01)

Notice of Appeal; Notice of Filing of Appeal Small Claims (SC-02)

Other Forms:


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