Superior Court of California, County of Imperial

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Judicial Officers

        Presiding Judge, Hon. Poli Flores Jr

Assistant Presiding Judge, Hon. Christopher J. Plourd

           Juvenile and Family Law Presiding Judge, Hon. Juan Ulloa

El Centro Courthouse

Department 1 Master Criminal Calendar - Hon. William Lehman

Department 2 Criminal Calendar - Hon. Christopher J. Plourd

Department 3 Family Law Calendar - Hon. William D. Quan

Department 4 Juvenile, Family Law and Civil Calendars - Hon. Juan Ulloa

Department 5 Criminal Calendar - Hon. Poli Flores, Jr.

Department 7 Civil Calendar - Hon. Jeffrey B. Jones

Department 8 Criminal Calendar - Hon. Raymond A. Cota

Department 9 Civil Calendar - Hon. L. Brooks Anderholt

Family Support - Commissioner K. Martin White

Infraction Referee, Traffic Calendar - Richard W. Bohlander


Brawley Courthouse, Jail Court - Hon. Ruth B. Montenegro

Brawley Courthouse, Criminal Calendar - Hon. Diane Altamirano

Temporary Judges - Invitation to Apply


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