Superior Court of California, County of Imperial


R1415-01 Pre-employment testing RFP

R1415-01 Attachment 1-RFP Admin Rules

R1415-01 Attachment 2-Standard Agreement

R1415-01 Attachment 3-Accept T&C

R1415-01 Attachment 4-General Cert

R1415-01 Attachment 5-Darfur Cert

R1415-01 Attachment 6-Payee Data Record

R1415-01 Attachment 7-SOW

R1415-01 Attachment 8-Physical Demands

R1415-01 Attachment 9-Services Survey

R1415-01 Attachment 10-Cost Proposal

R1415-01 Pre-employment testing-Intent to Award

R1415-02 File Folders IFB

R1415-02 File Folders-Attachment 1 Admin Rules

R1415-02 File Folders-Attachment 2 Standard Agreement

R1415-02 File Folders-Attachment 3 Accept T&C

R1415-02 File Folders-Attachment 4 Gen Cert

R1415-02 File Folders-Attachment 5 Darfur Cert

R1415-02 File Folders-Attachment 6 Payee Data Record

R1415-02 File Folders-Attachment 7 Scope of Work

R1415-02 File Folders-Attachment 8 Samples

R1415-02 File Folders-Attachment 9 Purchase History

R1415-02 File Folders Attachment 10 Cost

R1415-02 File Folders-Addendum1

R1415-02 File Folders-Addendum2

R1415-02 File Folders Q&A

R1415-03 Court Probate Investigator RFP

R1415-03 Investigator Attachment 1-Admin Rules

R1415-03 Investigator Attachment 2-Standard Agreement

R1415-03 Investigator Attachment 3-Accept T&C

R1415-03 Investigator Attachment 4-General Cert

R1415-03 Investigator Attachment 5-Darfur Cert

R1415-03 Investigator Attachment 6-Payee Data Record

R1415-03 Investigator Attachment 7-SOW

R1415-03 Investigator Attachment 8-Response

R1415-03 Investigator Attachment 9-Cost Proposal

R1415-03 Investigator Attachment 10-Sample Reports

R1415-04 Shredding RFP

R1415-04 Attachment 1-RFP Admin Rules

R1415-04 Attachment 2-Standard Agreement

R1415-04 Attachment 3-Accept T&C

R1415-04 Attachment 4-General Cert

R1415-04 Attachment 5-Darfur Cert

R1415-04 Attachment 6-Payee Data Record

R1415-04 Attachment 7-Appendix A1 SOW

R1415-04 Attachment 8-Services Survey

R1415-04 Attachment 9-Cost Proposal

R1415-04 Shredding Q&A

R1415-04 Shredding RFP Intent to Award

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