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Payment Information

« Traffic Web Payment: To find information about your case, please enter one of the following: Driver's License Number, Case Number and Citation Number.

Traffic Web Payment

« Payment Window or Phone: 8:00 am–4:00 pm Monday–Friday. Check, money order, cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover accepted.

« Note: DMV release will be delayed if payment is made by personal check.

« Traffic Inquiries: You may contact the Traffic division via our email form.

California Courts Traffic & Ticket Basics

If you are cited for a traffic infraction, you must follow through with the "Pay or Appear" date on the ticket.

Courtesy Notices are mailed but not a requirement or intended as an extension for time.

Pay or Appear date is critical, do not overlook or wait for the notice.

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I've been issued a traffic citation, now what do I do?

Ticket? Once your citation is filed with this court, you will be sent a courtesy notice containing necessary information.

If After three weeks from the citation date you have not received this notice, please contact the Court.

Citation Resolution Options: There are five options available.

  1. Forfeit bail and pay entire amount of assessed fine (Your DMV record will be affected)
  2. Show proof of correction for 16028(a) (no insurance), 4000(a) (no vehicle registration) and mechanical and pay reduced amount of correction fee (Your DMV record will not be affected)
  3. Request traffic school and pay entire amount of assessed fine plus $57.00 traffic school fee (DMV will be notified of traffic school dismissal)
  4. Contest violation and request trial IN PERSON, prior to your due date. If appearing in person, you need not deposit bail first before attending Court or seeing the Judge.
  5. Contest violation BY MAIL, prior to your due date, by submitting a TRIAL BY DECLARATION and BAIL. You are requiered to pay your bail when you submit your trial by declaration; the traffic referee will not review your paperwork or make a decision on your case until payment is received. These monies will be placed in trust until completion of the case.

Note: Your courtesy notice will reflect whether you are eligible to attend traffic school. If you are eligible you may attend a DMV approved traffic school class or an approved Imperial County home study traffic school program.

State and Regional Law Enforcement

  • BLM Rangers (760) 337-4400 1661 S. Fourth St. El Centro 92243
  • Calif Highway Patrol (760) 312-1800 2331 Highway 86, Imperial 92251
  • Calif Highway Patrol (760) 768-0294 One Killingsworth Dr. Felicity, 92283
  • Calif. Highway Patrol (760) 768-4000 1700 E. Carr Rd. Calexico, 92231
  • Imperial County Sheriffs (442) 265-2000 328 Applestill Rd. El Centro 92243

Local / City Police

  • Brawley Police (760) 344-2111 352 Main St. Brawley 92227
  • Calexico Police (760) 768-2140 420 E. 5th St. Calexico 92231
  • Calipatria Police (760) 348-2211 140 W. Main St. Calipatria 92233
  • El Centro Police (760) 352-2211 150 N. 11th Ave. El Centro 92243
  • Holtville Police (760) 356-2991 222 W. 4th St. Holtville 92250
  • Imperial Police (760) 355-4327 424 S. Imperial Ave. Imperial 92251
  • Westmorland Police (760) 344-3457 355 S. Center St. Westmorland 92281

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