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Remote Appearances:

Your upcoming hearing may be eligible for a remote appearance. Visit our remote appearances page for more information.

Seeking Civil Grand Jury Applicants -

Seeking grand jury applicants for the 24/25 year. For more information and to apply, visit the Grand Jury Page

Record Searches by Name

To perform a Search By Name, you must have an online account. A Search by Name returns a list of case numbers and filing dates matching the party name entered.

The fee related to each name search is used to provide public access to electronic records. Fees are paid on-line, prior to performing a name search. Fees for multiple name searches can be paid at one time. There is also an unlimited fee plan. Fees are charged for each name search regardless of the results.

Per California Rule of Court 2.507, party searches cannot be done with the date of birth or driver’s license information.

If you require a record search by name and DOB or DL, please use the Contact Us page to submit a criminal records request.

Click the button below to search records by name.

Record Searches by Name

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