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Court Currently

Recruiting for Court Reporter  Click here

Remote Appearances:

Your upcoming hearing may be eligible for a remote appearance. Visit our remote appearances page for more information.

Seeking Civil Grand Jury Applicants -

Seeking grand jury applicants for the 24/25 year. For more information and to apply, visit the Grand Jury Page

Human Resources

Employment Opportunities

We appreciate your interest in working with us. We are an equal-opportunity employer and provide reasonable accommodations to all applicants who are qualified individuals under the ADA.

Current Employment Opportunities

  • Visit our employment page for a list of opportunities available. Select the linked job title for a detailed description of each position. Visit the employment page
  • Click on "Show More" on our career page for additional information such as application requirements, reasonable accommodations, eligibility lists, and more.

Job Descriptions

  • There are many classifications with our Court. If you are interested in a position that is not accepting applications, subscribe to be notified when recruitment opens for your desired position.

NEW California Court Interpreter Workforce Pilot Program

  • “On May 17, 2024, the Judicial Council approved the launch of the California Court Interpreter Workforce Pilot Program. The pilot program is intended to increase the number of court interpreter employees in the courts by reimbursing participants for their training costs and examination fees.”
    To learn more, click here:
    California Court Interpreter Workforce Pilot Program | Language Access Services

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