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LawHelp Interactive Programs/HotDocs

Law Help Interactive helps you fill out legal forms. Answer a series of questions and print your legal forms. The forms are free and have been created by nonprofit legal aid programs and courts.

Divorce Starter Kit Program
This program can be used to start the dissolution process before you come to the self-help center.
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Dissolution Petition and Disclosures
This program completes the dissolution petition and disclosures.
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California Request for Domestic Violence Restraining Order
This program does not include information or forms regarding notice of the TRO hearing.
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California Response to Request for Domestic Violence Order
This program includes the forms needed to respond to request for a domestic violence order.
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California Request for Order
The program assists litigants who would like to file a Request for Order in a family law case, including dissolution, parentage and domestic violence.
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Guardianship Program
This program will assist proposed guardians to present a complete petition for guardianship for up to five children and includes a fee waiver petition.
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Limited Conservatorship Program
This program will assist to complete conservatorship forms.
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Online Conservatorship Training
This online course is required to become a Conservator. For Estate training please call: 760-482-2240
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Fee Waiver Request-Guardianship/Conservatorship
This is a standalone fee waiver request for guardianship and conservatorship matters, and can be used when a guardian or conservator represents a ward or conservatee in a civil matter.
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Name Change Petition
This program will assist to begin the process of name change petition.
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Parantage Petition
This program will assist you with the forms to ask the court to establish parentage of children. Parentage is the process to determine the legal parents of a child or children.
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Parantage Response
This program will assist you in responding to a parentage petition.
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Small Claims
This program produces a word document with useful links and resources as you complete the question and answer interview.
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