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Press Release: Civil Remote Appearances

Effective January 3 2023, civil remote appearances will switch from CourtCall to a Court Provided Service. Please read the Press Release for more information.

Case Alert

Case Update Alert System

Purpose of Case Alert System

The case alert system is provided as a convenience to allow the public to receive email notifications of new document filings and new scheduled events on a specific case. This is only for public cases.


By using this system, you understand and accept the following:

  1. This service is NOT for electronically serving any case parties or interested parties on a case. All legal procedures and regulations must be followed.
  2. This service is a courtesy and the court is not obligated to provide it. If the need arises, the Court may shut down the service.
  3. The court is not responsible for an incorrect email address or case number entered resulting in not receiving case update alerts.
  4. Please note this case alert registration will expire after six months. At that point, you can register again if you wish to continue receiving case update alerts for this case.
Case Alert

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