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Traffic Remote Appearances:

Traffic remote appearances are now available for the Imperial Superior Court. Please visit: Remote/Telephonic Appearances

Remote/Telephonic Appearances

Traffic and Criminal Remote Appearances

Please use the below link to submit a request to appear remotely in either traffic or criminal cases. Once your request is submitted, the court will review the request and contact you to provide the Microsoft Teams remote appearance link and schedule a test before the hearing date. For all remote appearances, requests must be submitted no less than three court days before the hearing. If your request is submitted with less than three court days notice, your request may be denied. In all remote appearance requests, if you do not receive a reply in writing from the court before your hearing date, then you must appear in person.  Per Executive Order RE: Implementation of AB 199 filed 7/7/2022.


Civil Telephonic Appearance

The Imperial Superior Court currently utilizes CourtCall as the telephonic appearance platform that parties, attorneys, and others may use to appear telephonically in approved Civil scheduled events.

Note: Argued Motions should be arranged as video appearance when using CourtCall.

CourtCall Scheduling

Satisfaction Survey

Did you recently appear remotely to a court hearing? Please consider answering the below satisfaction survey. Doing so will allow the court to improve the remote appearance experience.


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